Types of finches that do well together?

Hi! I have two Cordons and am going to the birdshow in San Jose for additional ones.

Want to get a pair of Gouldians - possibly two pair and maybe another pair...any hints or suggestions?

Do you know a good breeder to seek out?


Hi Deb,

My book is to be loaded on to the website sometime this week and in the back is an appendix which lists compatible species of finches.

Now, you asked about buying Gouldians. I do not know a breeder to recommend, but I'll share some things to look for.

Look for: strong and erect posture
eyes that are bright and clear
no signs of drainage from eyes
or nostrils
tight and sleek feathers
a rounded breast, plump on both
sides, breast bone must not stick
out like a knife blade
birds that are moving around
birds that are curious about you

Don't buy: birds with missing toes
dangerously long toe nails
signs of discharge or swelling from
eyes or nostrils
with an over grown or crossed beak
that are lethargic or sitting with
puffed out feathers
with bald spots
having ragged feather edges
evidence of watery droppings stuck
to feathers near the vent

There is proven scientific knowledge now that the best breeding results come from pairs with the same head color.

Red headed males can cause strife if there are too many of them together. That's about it.

Ask the breeder to give or sell some of their routine seed to you so the birds will have familiar food to start out with.

I don't know much about Cordons, but if you have them, you probably already know all of this and I am sure you pick fine pairs.

Hope that helps, Jeanie

UPDATE: My expert guide to the care and breeding of Lady Gouldian Finches is nor available for sale online!


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