I wrote to you a while back because my 2 classroom "male" gouldians turned out to be a breeding pair, and they dumped the eggs out from the first clutch and ate them.

You advised some changes to diet, and soon we noticed more eggs in the nest. We didn't even tell the children (five years old) at first, because we had no idea how it would turn out.

But one day a few weeks later I saw two tiny pink babies on the floor of the cage. One was clearly dead; the other was still breathing, so I scooped it up and put it back in the nest, fully expecting that the parents would throw it back out. But they didn't.

Now we have three (I think...it's hard to see them at the bottom of the nest) very noisy babies.

My questions are:
Do we need to do anything specifically for the babies?

Would it hurt to handle them so that the children can see them and enjoy this process?
Thank you so much!


The most important thing to do for the babies is to be sure they are kept warm enough. Put a thermometer near the cage and keep the nest as close to 78 degrees as possible or even 80 degrees.

If you don't have a heat lamp a heating pad pinned to the cage and set on low should be enough.

Since your pair threw out two chicks, I would not disturb their nest until the chicks are a bit older and less fragile. When they are too heavy to be carried out of the nest, the parents will be less stressed.

After about a week things should be a bit more relaxed and it will be alright to shine a little pen light flashlight inside their nest to see the chicks. I think I would wait another week or two before handling them. Again congratulations,

- Jeanie

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