Water care

by Shawn
(St.paul mn usa)


Im so confused with the treatment... I just bought Pint Frisky Finches Breeding Aid and a Feather Glow but so confuse? The details said half a teaspoon in a one gallon and one fourth daily....so my question is can I put these two together in the same gallon of water and add little to their drinking cup????so confuse please help

Hi Shawn,

I recognize your frustration. It is all too familiar to me. I do not know what the ingredients in those supplements are so I don't know about mixing them. Hopefully there will be information on the containers as to where to direct your questions. There are so many supplements on the market for our birds that I wonder how the birds in the wild are able to live without them. When I was starting out with Gouldians, I bet I spent a small fortune on making sure that I had every supplement there was to buy. I wasn't taking any chances with MY birds. They were going to have the best of everything. As time went on, I became less and less convinced that I was actually helping my birds by doing this and over time I came to believe that my Gouldians did very well with a balanced and fresh food diet. Sorry I can't be more helpful, Jeanie

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Aug 09, 2012
water treatment
by: DAN s wales uk

Hi Jean. Just wanted to say I use boiled water for my birds, I add entrodexs [this puts a friendly germ in their gut] twice a week and multi mineral once a week to the water, about a teaspoon full per litre. Best to have less rather than too much, but I do agree with Jean the more I think about it, the more seeds and different foods you give your birds the better the results. All the best with your birds, DAN

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