water waisting

Hello, I have pair of Gouldians in a breeding cage which is of normal size for breeding but I have problems with the male flicking and empting their water containers that are in the cage. I have other birds but he is the only one that does it and I'm thinking he might be bored or lacking something, but everything I have tried he keeps doing it. By the way, this is the first time I have tried with Gouldians and the way things are proceeding it could be the last as I have to refill 3 times aday , I would appreciate any advice please . David E-Mail address is davidbrodie1960@gmail.com

Hi David,

Call me crazy, but I think your bird wants a bathtub. I can't picture a water dish that would be small enough or light enough for a Gouldian to flip. I wonder if he was given a larger bowl of water to bathe in, would he stop annoying you by flipping his dish? This is not a problem that I have had any experience with. I have found with open water dishes, there was always a mess and dirty water. I like using water tubes that hang on the outside of the cage. Added bonus when using the tubes is that changing the water doesn't startle my birds because I am not reaching into their cage. Please don't give up yet!

Best Wishes, Jeanie

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