What can i do about agression within the aviary with a breeding pair

by Pauline John
(Coquitlam BC Canada)

Hi i had 2 pairs of gouldians. One pair raised a clutch of 3. The one pair perished by an unfortunate accident with old room mates cat ( very upsetting. I got one juvenile a home and now there are ...One pair incubating a clutch, and 2 juvys...dont know the sex 4 months old. They have been incubating for about a week. 1st one of the juvys had a pecked head, assuming it was his sibling i removed who I thought was the aggressor.In a cage near the 5ft x 5ft x 2 1/2 ft aviary. 2 days later the other juvy seemed to be harassing the mated pair...so i moved him into the cage with his sibling.

i don't know what to do now. Is this common for a pair incubating to be harassed by the others? Is it because they are another birds young. Do i need to always keep them away? Its really too bad because i built this beautiful aviary hoping to have more than 2 live in there:/
There are multiple feeding stations perches plants and a few nests
Any help would be much appreciated

Hi Pauline,

Don't give up. I hope the 2 juvenile Gouldians are eating well on their own. It sounds to me as if the young will do best if you can keep them in a separate cage from the breeding pair for a while. Sometimes juveniles want to return to the nest box while the breeding pair are starting up a new clutch and one or both of the breeding pair determines to act aggressively to keep them out. This is especially likely if the breeding pair aren't the parents of the two youngsters. I don't think you will always need to keep them apart. It may take some time, but I suspect when the breeding season is over and the new young are on their own as strong juveniles, it will be safe to reintroduce the two young that you have with the new family. Best chance is after you take the nest box down.
Hope this is helpful, Jeanie

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