where to buy breading pair of lady gouldian finches

I want to start Gouldian finch breeding, so I want to get good healthy breeding stock.

So do you recommend the best places to buy breeding pairs of lady gouldian finches?

Should I go find breeding societies, or just find classified ads.

Is it OK to buy from pet shops?

What should I look for in the finches to identify good breeding stock physically in their appearance?

Check at your local pet store to see if they know of any bird clubs in your area. You might be lucky and find a bird mart and show you can attend. Go on line to the the National Finch and Softbill Society,(www.nfss.org), and ask about clubs and breeders in your area. Pick up a copy of Bird Talk magazine, (in pet shops), and look in the back where breeders who ship birds will advertise. Talking with the breeder you buy your finches from will be of great benefit to you if you are just starting out. It's best to stay away from pet stores until you can really judge the condition of their stock. Shops will always be more expensive than breeders. Hope this helps. My e-book, Gouldian Finch Care and Breeding Expert Guide, will be for sale on this site, (I hope), by August 16th at a reasonable price.
Look for birds whose feathers are tight,bright and sleek. These birds should be active and curious when you approach their cages. Pass up the puffy and droopy ones.

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May 12, 2015
need help !
by: Lori

Please help , I miss my birds ! Long story short my x took my babies, my lady's *boys ( gouldian finches 6 of them ) breeding pairs . Happy birds can not find or get them back! Would like to find more of my feathered friends, miss my birdies. Please help.! ?
Look for canary breeders in your area. Often they also breed Gouldians or will know some. Canary shows and bird clubs are good places to start. JEanie

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