White Marks on Head

by Tracey Goudie
(New Zealand)

I have a male orange head Gouldian who has white bits on his head. They don't move, so I wouldn't think they were mites. They look a little like broken feathers. Also one male has feathers missing on the side of his face, and there seems to be a small hole. Neither bird seems worried or ill. I have recently purchased these two from someone else.

Any ideas what it could be and what I could do to solve it??


Hi Tracey,

As to the white bits, if they are straight little bits that look like tiny straws, you are watching new feathers come in. Does not sound like mites. There is a chitin like covering on the feathers when a molt is occurring and as time goes on this will disappear naturally.

I'll bet anything that the hole you are seeing on the side of the bird's head is his ear surprisingly. The feathers normally conceal it. I remember how scared I was the first time I saw that hole!!

Don't think you need to do anything special
for them other than being sure they are warm and have a breeding diet with a bit of egg food and greens each day.

Thanks for visiting my site. Jeanie

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