Why does my hen fall off her perch?

My little hen, Bonnie, has started falling off her perch. She flops around on the bottom of the cage, sometimes with her feet in the air and just lies there. Then, after awhile, she sits up, begins to eat, and flies back to an upper perch. When our first hen died, this is what she did, but she did it only once and died. Is Bonnie dying, or does she have some disease I can help cure? This has been going on for over a week. I lined the wire cage bottom with cardboard, so she doesn't get her head and feet tangled in the wires. What should I do? We also have a cock, Bozley, is he in danger of getting whatever she has?

Wow! That sounds awful. I had a little yellow back female years ago who did somewhat the same thing. She did live for a few years, but she never could sit on a perch again. First, I need to know if the bird who died was related to Bonnie? Is your male related to either one? It does not sound like a disease organism or a parasite. If the birds could have been related, I would suspect the problem to be a genetic defect or mutated cell or cells. How old was the bird that died and how old is Bonnie? It doesn't sound like twirling or star gazing because you don't mention any head or neck twisting. It sounds more like a stroke or at least something neurological has gone wrong, like epilepsy. I have no remedy to offer, only comfort care and waiting. Is Bonnie in pain or is she scared or anxious? For how long a time does Bonnie recover? Does she recover fully or just a little? Lower everything in her cage so she doesn't have so far to fall and give her additional heat. The heat will enable her to lower her metabolism and conserve her energy. A ceramic reptile heat bulb in a clip on light,(with a ceramic socket). A heating pad on low clipped to a side of the cage works too. Bonnie should have the ability to come close to the heat source or to back away from it if she wants. Alfalfa bedding, I think is sold for rabbits, could be on the cage floor, if the cardboard gets all messy. I think I would google for an avian veterinarian who is in your state. One who has experience with Gouldian finches and I would call them. The trouble is I never found an avian vet who knew about finches let alone Gouldians. Wish I could do more, Jeanie

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