why my gouldian lays or drops eggs on floor

by patty

one of my hens either lays or drops eggs on floor of cage. have nest set up. why would she do this.

There is no one answer to that question I am sorry to say. You say "nest," are you using a nest box? I have always thought that something causes the hen to be stressed out. If you are pair breeding in a good sized cage, try covering the back of the cage and the side of the cage where the nest box is. I used remnants, pinned on with clothes pins to decrease the stimulating areas that the birds had open. The mating and egg laying periods are times when the birds become especially watchful and alert to danger. Blocking off a side or two will allow them to feel less vulnerable than they do in a cage where danger could come at them from all sides. A lot of the somewhat commercial breeding cages are wooden boxes with only a wire front. In a cage like that, the pair only has to protect themselves and their eggs from the front.
Hope this helps, Jeanie

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