Will a single male Lady Gouldian Finch sing?

by Lona Cox
(Somerville, TX USA)

I am wanting a song bird that does not require flight outside its cage and will sing without an additional finch. Will a single male Lady Gouldian Finch sing? Does the Lady Gouldian Finch require time outside its cage?

Hi Lona,

I have a male American singer canary living happily with a society finch because I haven't found a female for him yet. He is singing like crazy. Yes, a single lone male Gouldian finch will sing. The males all practice their songs with each other when they are just juveniles. It is best not to have a single finch because finches are flock birds and will be sad if they must live alone. I would get another male Gouldian and have two males or a society finch,(as I do),and a male Gouldian before I would let them live alone.
NO!!! Please do not let your tiny finches fly free outside of their cage. The likelihood of a fatal accident is far too great. That is why we have cages large enough for flight. While Gouldians are raised in captivity, they are not domesticated like parakeets. They are happiest when they feel safe inside their cages and can watch us. Finches in general do not like to be handled either and that is especially true of Gouldians, unless they have been hand fed chicks.

Best Wishes, Jean

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