Won't stand on his feet

by Angelin
(Hamilton NJ)

My gouldian is leaning on the perch for four days. He can't stand on his feet. His feet are red. Also he is breathing heavy. I am giving him 2 drops of sovereign silver and 1 drop of iverlux a day in his neck. His good foot is mising 3 toes from some time ago, this is the leg he is weighting on it. I put a boxnest inside so he could rest on top of it. What else can I do to save him?

Hi Angelin,

It's been my experience that foot problems are mostly caused by accidents. I am sure that you have closely examined the foot to be certain that he has not gotten anything entangled there or other wise injured that would cause the foot to become inflamed or damaged. This is a time when I would find a veterinarian. I know only that a damaged foot may sometimes require surgery in order to save the bird's life.

Thoughtful of you to give him a nest box to rest on. I think you have done all that you can without knowing more about the cause of the damage. If he will stay calm and in one place and you can give him some increased heat, he may be able to heal with less strain on his body.


I wish I were more knowledgeable about this problem and could be of more help to you.

Very sorry. Hope you can find a veterinarian for this situation. Jeanie

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Oct 17, 2012
Follow up
by: Angelin

I want to give you an update about my male gouldian. He was really very sick, breathing heavy,inactive, not singing. I finally found a vet. and she gave him Baytril 1ml for 12 days. He recovered after the treatment. He is again the very active happy bird.

Thanks for all you do for us.

Thank you for letting me know how well things turned out for you and your bird! Jeanie

May 03, 2012
Maybe bumblefoot
by: Jeanie

I have been thinking about your question since I last answered you. Was really drawing a blank and felt awful. Suddenly thought of Bumble foot. Please go to wwwavianweb.com or google bumble foot and search for information. Please tell me too what your perches are made of and what you decide to do. I am very interested in your birds progress. Plastic, sand or grit covered paper or perches are contributing factors to bumble foot. If you think that could be the problem. Again please let me hear from you. Thanks

I believe you may ask an avian veterinarian a question on line on that web site. If an antibiotic is needed the vets can tell you which one etc. Good luck!!!

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