yellow backed gouldians

by Tony Mifsud
(Hamrun, Malta)

I have acquired a male yellow back with a violet chest. Is it best to mate it with another yellow back or a green one?

Thank you,

Tony Mifsud.

Hi Again Tony,

It is really just a matter of your preference. The yellow back mutation is well established and has a reputation for producing offspring that are as stong, vigorous and healthy as the normals or green backs. Even though they are mutations, the yellow back Gouldians are not known to produce fragile chicks the way the pairing of two blue backs is known to do. It is more important that the pair are attracted to each other. I would match their head colors if that is an option. I have read that pairing birds of the same head color has been shown to be more successful and production is improved.
Thanks for visiting my web site, Jeanie

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