Yellow gouldian

by Deb
(Qld, Australia)

Dear Jeanie....First of all thankyou so much for all your helpful imformation.........

In January I got my first finches........6 gouldians...3 females and 3 males.........and I am so thrilled to advise that one pair had 4 eggs.....

we had 3 babies from one pair and 7 eggs in the nest from another pair...

sadly today I found one baby on the floor and was so was found at the other end of the aviary...which was a bit surprising as we have a rather large aviary....

don't know how it got so far away....had a quick peek into the nest and there are 2 babies and 1 egg...I assume the egg is infertile...

so I will leave it there for that ok? male finch is face...white chest and the rest yellow....

is he a young male with no colour yet? or is it just the breed....he does not have anything to do with the other finches....and they don't seem to like him either.....

I also have a pair of zebras with them who are sitting on eggs as well....but this little fella seems to be on all on his own...

will he at some stage mate with the other female or will I have to try to find him a mate....

I love sitting outside just watching them........
thanks again Jeanie

Hi Deb,

That happens sometimes with Gouldians and no one really knows why they toss out their chicks. I hope the chick was still alive.

It is amazing how far they can carry or toss them. I think the parents carry the chicks out. I found one chick stuffed into the water tube opening.

It could not have been tossed into it.

The good news is that the chicks are rarely hurt and they don't need to be fed for the first one to two days after hatching so a lot of times they can be rescued.

The Gouldians that toss their chicks usually toss all of them and it is usually futile to put them back into the nest because they get tossed again.

If all the chicks weren't tossed, I would try to put the one back in the nest if it lived.

Yes, I would leave the egg there for a while just so that the parents aren't disturbed by having their nest tampered with right now. In a few days you can get it out.

Your bird is called a red head, white breast, yellow back. It is a genetic mutation and will not change.

This mutation causes the bird to be unable to absorb black pigments into its feathers. Black and yellow pigments are what make the color green for the feathers.

It is a shame that the bird is being left out. I would try to find a yellow back female for him. If there are two pairs and six birds, there must be one female that is also alone.

I might try taking those two birds out of the aviary and putting them together in a separate cage to see if they will bond with each other.

Scientists have found that the visible colors of the feathers, especially the head colors, have effects on how pairing up and breeding turns out.

For example, more success has been noted in pairs that have the same head colors.

Thank you for your kind words and for visiting my site.
Good luck, Jeanie

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